Forside paa bog Viljens styrke

Viljens Styrke (1992; The Strength of Will)

"Natalie Zahle, her schools and education in 19th-century Denmark. Natalie Zahle has been given many labels: chief, queen, commander-in-chief, reformer, seductress of women, school pioneer, empire-builder, entrepreneur – and a restless, searching soul. The book casts light on her life and works, and investigates the person behind the myth – and the inspiration behind the person".

Forside paa bog Arbejderkvinder og Kvindearbejde

Arbejderkvinder og Kvindearbejde (1979; Working-Class Women and Women's Work)

”Servant girls, prostitutes, home- and factory-workers, washerwomen and charwomen, women newspaper sellers, street traders and mangle-women – all hard at work during the industrialisation of Denmark.”

Kvindeforskning (1980; Women's Studies)

Forside paa bog Kvindeforskning

”The early days of interdisciplinary women's studies in Denmark.”

Forside paa bog Socialdemokratiet, velfærdsstaten og kvinderne

Socialdemokratiet, velfærdsstaten og kvinderne (1980; Social Democracy, Welfare State and Women)

”The women's struggle, trade union movement, women's movement and Danish social democracy.”

Forside paa bog Att skriva människan

Att skriva människan (1997; Writing Lives)

”A collection of essays about biography in a psychological, sociological, historical and existential perspective.”

Forside paa bog Writing Lives In Sport

Writing Lives In Sport (2004)

”A book about sporting lives – and about writing biographies in the academic world of sports studies.”

Forside paa bog Digternes Paryk

Digternes Paryk (1997; The Poets' Wig)

”Articles about the age of enlightenment and sensitivity in 18th-century literature, painting, language, ideas and life of the people in the Nordic region and Europe. BP: article about girls' schools.”

Forside paa bog Indtil Diamanten

Indtil Diamanten (1999)

”An atmospheric portrait of the Royal Danish Library, seen in text and drawings; a book crafted to congratulate and wish the library well as it moved with all its books and all its soul into the modern building known as the Black Diamond.”

Forside paa bog Uden Omsvøb. Et portræt af Bodil Koch

Uden Omsvøb. Et portræt af Bodil Koch (2007; To the Point. An Incisive Portrait of Bodil Koch)

”A portrait in words of the government minister, feminist and humanist Bodil Koch (1903-72). She was not simply a politician, Minister of Culture and Minister of Ecclesiastical Affairs, she was also a provocateur and intellectual critic of the government of which she was a member. She was more than happy to intervene in foreign policy, which in her opinion was the foundation of all political reality, and she did so with intense commitment – and did not hesitate to tread on her own government's toes with her forthright opinions on NATO, nuclear arms race, the Soviet Union, and US involvement in Vietnam”

Forside paa bog Kønnet i historien

Kønnet i historien (1992; Gender in History)

”On gender as social construct and power – viewing the 'feminine' as a norm that can be defined in a historical perspective, unlike the subjective 'life of woman' that cannot be thus classified. ”

Forside paa bog Kønnet i historien

Bogen eller Kaos (2000; The Book or Chaos)

”A commemorative book on Peter Seeberg's literary and cultural achievements – and on "Den Litterære Institution uss" (The Literary Institution uss; uss = under stadig skælven / in continuous trepidation). BP: essay on narrative and fact in biography.”

Forside paa bog Zahle. At vække sjælen

Zahle. At vække sjælen (2001; Zahle. Awakening the Promise of the Soul)

”Natalie Zahle's personal and strategic deliberations, and an interpretation of the background and principles on which her educational empire was created.”

Forside paa bog Den biografiske Ibsen

Den biografiske Ibsen (2010; The Biographical Ibsen)

”A book about the many images of the writer-sphinx Henrik Ibsen, as seen in totally different types of biographical presentation – from biographies to textbooks and cartoon caricatures. BP: the art of writing biographically on Ibsen”

Forside paa bog Med livet som insats

Med livet som insats. Biografin som humanistisk genre (2007; Risking Your Life)

”A book about the reappearance of biography as a genre applied to history, literature, history of ideas and archaeology. BP: a critique of the genre with its many lives”

Forside paa bog Der er en verden ved siden af verden

Der er en verden ved siden af verden (1985; There is a World Besides the World)

”A book published in honour of Nynne Koch – motivator, co-ordinator, promoter of women's studies and founder of KVINFO (Danish Centre for Information on Gender, Equality and Ethnicity)”

Forside paa bog At komme til sig selv

At komme til sig selv (2008; Becoming Oneself)

”An anthology about the process of 'education' as one of discovery leading to a sense of self, making up your mind about yourself – becoming oneself. BP: on Natalie Zahle.”

forside paa bog Living Political Biography

Living Political Biography (2013)

”A revisit to biography as a political, an historical, and a narrative genre. BP: article on biography as a genre in its own right characterized by complexity in form, structure and aims.”

Forside paa bog Biographies of the Financial World

Biographies of the Financial World (2012)

”A presentation of biographies of the financial world. BP’s article provides a critical comment to the genre as an unloved, but much pursued courtesan.”

Forside paa bog Fund og Forskning

Fund og Forskning (2012)

"Fund og Forskning" in The Royal Danish Library collection Bind 51

Forside paa bog Methods, Interventions and Reflections

Methods, Interventions and Reflections (2014)

My contribution is the article: Representing Gendered Individualities + In Search of the Keys to a Biographical Analysis of Bodil Koch (1903-72)

Forside paa bog Historiallinen elämä

Historiallinen elämä, (Finland 2014)

Biografin historia ja vastuu, in (red. Hakisalo, Jalagin, Junila & Kurvinen): Historiallinen elämä.
My contribution is the article: om den farlige biografi)

Forside paa bog Berättende, liv, mening

Berättende, liv, mening (Örebro 2014)

(red. Carlsson Wetterberg, Lidström & Wistrand)
My contribution is the article: At fortaelle om maend og kvinder som individer. Refleksioner over den biografiske vending i historien.

Forside paa bog Ind i biografien

Ind i biografien (2015)

My book about biographies in Histories and stories in the the Biographies. About gender, archetypes, narrative traditions and ethics in the biographies.

Forside paa bog Crisis, Credibility and Corporate History

Crisis, Credibility and Corporate History (2014)

My contribution is the article: The Biographer’s Power and Private Archives

Forside paa bog Qualitative Analysis in the Making

Qualitative Analysis in the Making (2014)

My contribution is the article: Telling Lives: In Search of the Keys